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webimburada it offers you a free seo service along with web design. how seo is applied to your site, what kind of work is done, how soon your site comes out on the first page.

1. We use Php code language.

2. We prepare all title meta tags and keywords on your site in accordance with the words on the page.

3. We'll name all the pictures on your site with a title and sub-title, essential for Google visual search.

4. We give width and height values to all images on your site.

5. We add titles to the pages that meet the H tag criteria.

6. Links to your own site or sub-pages are called internal links. Internal linking is very important for users and search engines to get comfortable access to your other subpages.

7. We add a no-follow tag to external links so that links going out of your site will not negatively affect your site's values on Google.

8. With CSS Sprite, we keep images in one file.

9. We use browser caching and GZIP file compression.

10. We optmize the page speed so that 1 second is loaded in gold.

11. We prepare mobile-compatible and responsive designs.

12. With SSL security certificate, we keep your site secure and show it.

13. We do hosting your site on limited fast and feature servers.

14. We use original content on your site.

15. Sitemap.xml file and robots.we create a txt file and add it to the google search console.

16. We'll track your Alexa and Ahfers scores.

17. At the end of the links on your site .php .creating seo-compatible Links by removing html.

In 17 steps, we have provided you with some information about which applications we can put your site on the first page of google and other search engines, in addition to these, in some cases additional work such as backlink work and social media management may be required.

As a result, within 3 days your website will be prepared and published with these features, on average, within 30 days your site will be displayed on the first page in google search results in the keywords we have identified. example: nevşehir web design Google first page first place webimburada.com you can see our site.

webim services here are as close as a phone to you and you can call us immediately on 0384 502 3999 and send a request for an offer on our get a quote page.

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