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what is web software?
what is the difference between web design and web software?
what can we do with web software?

We call all the encodings that run on a web server, which constitute all the functions of a web site, web software.

Web software is briefly collected under two headings.

1. The user interface (user interface)
In this section, users who visit your site on your site
Pictures, buttons, forms,reservations, links, logo etc. the contents are shown.

2. Software encodings
In this section, users can not see, in the background by the owner or administrator of the web site used by the panel that forms the admin panel is included.

We prepare them specifically for each business or industry or according to their wishes.

An example is the visualization of the features in the admin panel for a hotel site that allows adding or deleting content to the editing of rooms, Photo Gallery,About us, contact pages.

If it is a tourism agency, this time tours, activities, Photo Gallery, About us, communications, such as the areas will be organized by the special prepared.

The only feature that separates Web design from web software is that you can manage your site yourself with the admin panel in the background by preparing special codes for web software sites.

As with many advantages of Web software, there are also many problems when you work with the wrong people and companies.

If we list a few of these;

1. Preparation for high prices

2. Preparation over long periods

3. Your site is very much a line of code to be called from outside the database to be the information with your site's database after a certain time, due to the growth of the lot crashes, errors, font errors, high maintenance costs and compliance issues annual update to browsers and search engines.

4. Demand by some of the companies or people who prepare your design brings with IT major problems such as additional updates, maintenance, repairs, high payment demands, such as jerseys, contracts.

None of the above mentioned problems webimburada.com why do you not live in the services you receive from? This is because webim produces php code that is compatible with its own designs without using any ready-made applications such as themes,templates,panels, and php Linux-based fast and secure servers before many problems occur.

and lately, some people and companies, web design,web software bootstrap admin panel we're actually in the background preparing the site ready by code phrases such as the website header, navbar,menu, content and admin control panels to create and edit slide vs ready web design, software service, high prices do not allow to offer.

webim here is already prepared by using php code language web designs that you can manage if you request your site
you can prepare the admin panel at any time.

webimburada web software with an affordable price both visual, fast and 100% of our own codes without getting ready content from any site what you can do with the admin panel.

1. You can edit all the content on your site.

2. You can upload photos to your gallery.

3. You can update the contact information.

4. You can change the Link links.

5. You can update your social media links.

6. You can update your prices.

7. You can create new product or content pages.

webim services here are as close as a phone to you and you can call us immediately on 0384 502 3999 and send a request for an offer on our get a quote page.

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